Amie Hampton

Starter of it all

Started Hampton House Gallery in 1977 and operated it until retiring in 2010. Still active as an on-site resource (sometimes) and an on-site resource of the highest value.

Worth Hampton

Executive in charge

Co-founded Hampton House with Amie in 1977. Can be found most days in our King location overseeing the day to day flow of work through the shop.

Lara Hampton

Lara Hampton

Gallery Manager

Part of the second generation of owners. Lara holds a degree in Studio Art from UNCG as well as numerous certifications from McDonald’s management college…seriously, she does.

Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton

Business Manager/Head Janitor

Holding a degree from UNCG in Philosophy, Mark is just happy to have a job.



Gallery Dog

Though not technically an employee, Weezey ranks higher on the management scale than Mark. She can be found most days sleeping in the gallery.

Winston-Salem Gallery
720 Coliseum Drive Northwest
Winston-Salem,NC 27106

Gallery Hours
Saturday 11:00-4:00
By appointment as well
King Frame Shop
613-A East King Street
King, NC 27021

Frame Shop Hours
Saturday 10:00-3:00
By appointment as well